Film and TV Choreography

Gaana on the big screen

Tightly choreographed dance has long been a feature of Indian films, and Gaana has featured in a number of “Kollywood” movies. This is the cinema of Tamil Nadu, making Tamil-language films: it’s called Kollywood because it is based in the Kodambakkam district of Chennai. Jeya Raveendran is lead dancer for a Tamil movie, which is scheduled for release in 2016.

Dance for your next movie?
Gaana is a highly adaptable dance style, and can be used across a wide range of movie genres – and not just those of South Asia. The rhythms and movement are ideal for films aimed at a young market, but the style can be adapted to suit any production that needs a happy and romantic feel. If you have a movie in production and would like to use JeyaGaana™, just contact us.

Co-operate with Jeya on film choreography
Jeya Raveendran has experience of adapting Gaana dance to different types of production, from pop videos to major dance events. If you’re planning a movie in which you’d like to use dance as a key element, talk to Jeya Raveendran and benefit from his knowledge and expertise. Contact us for more information.